Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the backbone of the internet. Over the last three decades, SEO has emerged as a core element of all e-commerce and digital marketing activities that thrive on high-quality content.

Top 5 SEO-Friendly Writing Tips:

While there are various contributing factors to complement the Google algorithm for better ranking, we have narrowed down five SEO-friendly article writing tips to help you stand out on the internet.

1. No Substitute for Quality Content:

As mentioned earlier, each SEO-friendly article writing thrives on quality content. However, it is essential to understand what it means. Quality content not only stands for high-quality attachments. Instead, it is the benchmark of well-researched, well-structured, coherent, and valuable information with appropriate keywords. The shared data must be relevant, fresh, and able to address specific queries.

In addition, the content must contain catchy and appealing visuals to provide a better user experience and information in less time. Lastly, each article must contain appropriate internal links, HTML, and a site map to promote web crawling and indexing.

2. Follow Best On-Page Practices:

On-Page SEO is the next element on our list of best tips for writing SEO-friendly articles. No matter how helpful information a content creator shares, it will not reach its targeted audience without good On-page SEO practices. It is essential to select target keywords and ensure their use in an article’s title, meta-description, heading (H1, H2, H3,), and first paragraph (30-100 words). Furthermore, the selected keyword is used in HTML tags to elevate the click-through rate of the website as well.

3. Stand Out in the Crowd:

The next on our list of best writing tips is the ability to present content in a suitable yet unique way. While you may find thousands of relevant files on existing topics, the writer’s job is to condense information in a unique and meaningful way.

Remember, quality speaks for itself. Therefore, your article must convey clear and concise information on the relevant topic. A writer can constantly improve things. Consequently, they can always write better essays on already published work. This ability also provides a competitive edge to the writer by eliminating competitors through unique and high-quality content.

4. Create Link-worthy Resources:

Google algorithm runs on another essential concept termed E-A-T, i.e., Expertise, Authority, and Trust. As a part of human nature, we believe in references for credibility. Therefore, a writer must quote high-quality resources in the content to gain the trust of his readers. Remember, if your content is well-researched and features credible resources, more people may read it and backlink it in future articles.

5. Use Link-Worthy Tools:

The last tip is the creation of Link-worthy tools for a website. Link-worthy tools or “Link baits” are ideal tools to boost a website’s reputation and ranking. While this might seem a bit technical at sight, a writer must always grab the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge to provide a better user experience than the competitors.


Writing SEO-friendly articles is challenging initially but becomes fun with the experience. All writers need up-to-date knowledge of the ongoing trends and topics to rank better on search engines. So next time you draft an article, keep these writing tips in mind to lift your pieces.

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