Helping Pet Planet Grow to New Heights

Pet Planet is a one-of-a-kind website that provides interesting facts and theories about all animal species. Keeping animals around you can be difficult. Therefore, the website aims to educate animal lovers about the importance and need of pet care.

If you have a cute little kitten or a puppy in your home, you will want to know several facts about it. For you to get all the information on one platform, Pet Planet has come up with a fully functional website. It offers insight into the lives of animals.

  • Date May 2020
  • Client San Francisco Workspace
  • Category Interior Design

However, the rising competition makes it impossible for the site to get a higher number of views in the USA. Furthermore, the site needed fresh content that attracted people to it. Of course, the site had a few articles, but there was a need for SEO-optimized content.

We all know that in today’s time, one needs to stand out, or they will never get the spotlight. So we came up with a perfect solution to help the company grow in USA’s market.

Growing the Viewership for Pet Planet

As a strategist and part of the writing team for Pet Planet, it brought me immense pleasure to witness their growth. Not only that, but I also found several interesting details about animals that I couldn’t have gotten from anywhere else.

We started by:

Upscaling the quality of content

Pet Planet needed to create more quality content, or they would lose much more than they could ever gain. So the team analyzed the traffic and started creating content that the public wanted. We made sure that the content was easy to comprehend for almost everyone. Along with quality, the company also increased the overall quantity of articles.

Focus on SEO optimization

To build a strong foundation, the team used the skills of an SEO specialist who could give the right keywords for every topic. Soon every article’s structure improved, and the content became more uniform.

Provide relevant information

Websites don’t get views when they post irrelevant content. If people open your site to find information on cats or Chinchillas, you should give it to them. That is what we did here. With relevant content, the traffic on Pet Planet’s website multiplied. Instead of a couple of views, the site started getting dozens of viewers simultaneously.

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Seeing Results

With dedication and hard work, one can achieve milestones, and that is exactly what happened at Pet Planet. You need to trust the process. No one has asked you to follow rules blindly, but it’s essential to have a well-thought plan.

Our strategy assisted Pet Planet in multiplying their organic traffic, and this is how we did it:

  • Prepare a strategy and stick to it

  • Invest in building a concrete base

  • Pour information into the market

  • Audit and adjust your content with the time

I remember how informative their blog “The History of the Chinchilla” became once it had all the necessary keywords and readable content.

Client Review

The top management at Pet Planet was more than contended with our services, and according to them, “Copy Creators solved our problem like true professionals. Their powerful content helped us achieve more than we expected. Thanks to them, our site now receives hundreds of views daily.”

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