Social media can work for you just like a chisel works for a sculptor: carving out a brand image for your organization. The catch here is how effectively you use the chisel, or in this case, social media content, to get yourself acquainted with your intended clientele. Effective content marketing will allow you to create a unique niche for your company in a sea of generic and hackneyed images.

Content Planning Tips

Let’s talk about five content strategies you can use to yield the results of your choice.

1. Set Long-Term Content Goals

Content Goal

To begin, envision the image you want to build and then plan your goals around this image. Your goals should align with the purposes of the community you wish to target. Your goals will help give you quantifiable targets to measure your company’s progress. Some of your goals can look like this:

  • Increasing outreach
  • Increasing brand value
  • Building a bespoke niche for your brand

2. Survey The Market

Survey The Market illustrator

Several other companies with the same objectives will already be in the market, offering the same services. Research the need to identify the commonalities, outreach, and engagement frequency of competing brands, and then skew your trajectory apart from theirs by identifying your unique brand essence. This practice will enhance your brand’s visibility and help you stand out from your competition.

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3. Select Your Intended Clientele

Cartoon shaking hands

Your brand’s image will determine your intended audience. Enlist the age bracket, interest groups, location, and causes you want to target. An excellent tool for tracking and selecting your clientele is Google Analytics. Facebook Page Insights and Instagram Insights will also provide you with the details of your chosen audience, such as their engagement priorities concerning content and the time, they are most likely to be active. Your clientele defines your brand image, so curate this audience carefully.

Accordingly, select the social platform best suited for your target audience. This process will require thorough research but will pay off in the end.

4. Stay Relevant

Stay Relevant

A vital content strategy is to stay relevant to current social media and real-life trends. Use humor to humanize your brand. Use relevant keywords, hashtags, etc., that work with your brand image. Appreciate the sentiments of your community by creating engaging social content. When planning content, remember to keep it flexible to accommodate up-and-coming trends such as gazetted days and meme trends. Optimize your visual content to appeal to your audience: select color tones, catchphrases, and formats your target audience appreciates.

5. Track Your Progress

track your progress

Use social media metrics to check your brand’s progress and your social media content strategy. The task will help you tweak your plan to drop subpar techniques and streamline your marketing. Use digital tools such as, Hashtagify, Buffer, etc. for this purpose. This practice will help you identify your weak points and strengths, so you can tailor your content marketing to be as effective as possible.


Social media is the cheapest and most effective tool to market your company or brand. To master the art of content marketing, you will require patience and practice, but following the strategies mentioned above will maximize your social media community engagement. This exercise will provide you with a loyal base for your service targets.


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