Are you struggling with bringing organic traffic to your website, even though you post consistently? You are not alone. Consistent posting does not guarantee a boost in organic traffic; achieving that golden egg takes a few other things. Even if you are satisfied with your traffic, employ the following easy tricks in your content marketing, and you will see a positive difference in your organic traffic.

Tricks to Boost Your Organic Traffic

 Some of the simple yet effective tricks are:

1. Quality Over Quantity

Quality content writing

This cannot be stressed enough: spin quality content for your blog. Sure, it will take you some extra effort and use spare time, but you will be reaping the benefits long after you finish it. Scanning out your competition to find their strategy, always take yours up a notch.

Add your essence to your writing by making it consistent. Doing so will make your blog a go-to for your readers. Some tips to increase the quality of your content include inter-alia:

  • Employing a better content strategy than your competitors by using visual techniques such as infographics
  • Optimize content for the target audience
  • Researching and linking your content to peer-reviewed studies and articles
  • Creating an ideal buyer persona to whom you wish to sell your content.

2. SEO-Efficient Keywords

SEO keywords research

 Every other blog in a domain uses the exact keywords. What makes your blog stand out amongst the generic content? The answer is long-tailed specific keywords. Using mainstream keywords can become too general, which lowers your search engine ranking.

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Avoid this trap by using long-tailed and primary keywords, which entail less competition and boost your search engine ranking effectively. These keywords specify your blog, making your blog the top result for a query and improving optimization.

3. Include Links: External and Internal

SEO internal and external links

Link your blog to already-present content on your website and external sources. This act will achieve two things: Firstly, it will funnel traffic to other content on your website, and secondly, it will help build good internet rapport.

An important thing to consider when employing external links is always to use high-ranking links. This way, your blogs will be linked with high-ranking content and build you a good following in the online blog community: a win-win. Search for these links before you start writing your content and embed them into your content before uploading.


The speed of organic traffic the blog invites measures the success rate of a blog. Improving organic traffic is a common concern shared amongst the online community; however, contrary to popular belief, this does not require expensive techniques. Simple tricks can get the work done as efficiently as those expensive techniques so often advertised.

The key is to do your due diligence when writing content for your blog. The tricks mentioned above can go a long way if used correctly. Happy blogging!

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